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Welcome to Prime City Management!

At Prime City Management, we are committed to providing exceptional property management services for residential housing, furnished corporate housing, apartment homes, and mixed-use properties with retail space. Our experienced team works in tandem with Prime City Building & me-efficient solutions that maintain the value of your asset. We also use the industry-leading management software, Buildium, to keep asset-level data organized and provide a platform for residents and management/maintenance to communicate effectively about any issues within the property. With Prime City Management, you can trust that your property is in good hands.

  • Prime City Management services include:
    • Rent collection.
    • Pay expenses.
    • Keep ledger and coordinate with the asset’s accountant.
    • Organize and implement systems.
    • Automate.
    • Rent optimization analysis.
    • Apartment Turnovers.
    • Establish list of capital repairs and replacement needs.
    • Complete efficient and cost-effective apartment turnovers upon vacancy.
    • Establish written eviction procedures.
    • Create a sense of community amongst tenants.
    • Place security protocols.
    • Manage annual budget.
    • Set and enforce rent increases.
    • Maintain tenant retention and build tenant relationships.
    • Rent stabilization.
    • Provide 24/7 Emergency Service.
  • Leasing:
    • Full-service rental assistance (through Liberty Realty) or coordination with existing leasing office.
    • Review, negotiate, and approve leases.
    • Strategic pricing strategies.
    • CMA.
    • Agent engagement, BOH’s, and OH’s.
    • Have a rental plan to keep the building at 100% occupancy.
    • Maximize revenue.
  • Tenant Interface and maintenance requests.
  • Back Office CFO:
    • P&L Reporting.
    • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Revenue Reporting.
    • Tax Services.
    • QuickBooks Accounts Receivable/Payable.
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